Our Story

Being an avid (but lazy) watch collector with many mechanical watches, I would often look down at my wrist and find the incorrect time, and date.
Whilst I could have taken this as a sign that my collection had grown too large to warrant frequently winding and setting each piece, I found myself searching for the simplicity of a "grab and go" watch that I could take anywhere without having to worry about frequent winding or setting.
A quartz watch would have been a perfect addition to the collection!
But why was it so hard to find the right one?
I realised that quartz watches are often under appreciated and overlooked by watch collectors due to the very small selection of quality quartz timepieces.
And so, HZ watches was born out of an idea to create high quality (and affordable) watches that celebrate quartz innovation

Why 32,768 Hz?

32,768 Hz is related to how a quartz watch movement works!
In 1880, scientists discovered that quartz crystals vibrate when exposed to an electrical current. When cut into a specific shape and exposed to an electric current, the quartz crystal will vibrate at an exact frequency.
Most quartz watches are designed to consistently vibrate at a frequency of 32,768 times per second.
The electronic circuit within the movement will count the number of vibrations per second, and send an electrical impulse to the motor every 32,768 vibrations, which moves the second hand forward by one second - creating an extremely accurate movement.