• Peter Kotsa - HZ.01 (v1) Review

    "A really nice wearable experience, comfortable, lightweight, strong, and as a daily - ticks all the right boxes".

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  • Just One More Watch - HZ.01 (v1) Review

    "Super comfortable, super light, barely noticeable, and rather stylish. Overall a well manufactured, and well designed watch that has well deserved to find a foothold in the market."

  • Worn&Wound - Grab and go your next daily wearer

    "Through taking advantage of the synergies between titanium and quartz, the HZ.01 weighs in at an impressive 45 grams (including the attached leather strap and buckle)."

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  • Time+Tide - Micro Mondays

    "A 38.5mm, titanium watch with a sapphire crystal and Swiss quartz movement, for nearly half the price of a Moonswatch - considering the price and what’s on offer, I find there to be very little to complain about"

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  • WatchAdvice - Hands on with the HZ.01

    "The HZ.01 has been perfect for me to wear thanks to both its size and lightness on the wrist. I love that the HZ.01 is designed to be versatile, you can easily pair this watch with any outfit, and it won’t look out of place."

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  • Oracle Time - Making Quartz Cool

    "I really like the way the watch looks, it’s a cool blend of industrial utility and retro charm. The HZ.01 reminds us is that quartz is useful, practical and affordable."

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  • Gnomonist - Hands on with the HZ.01

    "The HZ.01 will be difficult to send back, as it has proven itself with its very good looks, matched by being super comfy and durable – which is great for a GADA watch. I have nothing like the HZ.01 in my collection, so I hope to pick one up in the very near future."

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